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Welcome to our loyal Miami and United States customers! Order your mobility scooter online today and get it at the lowest price available.

Mobility Scooters are the most desired type of motorized wheelchair.  Mobility Scooters are primarily designed for people that still have mobility but have a hard time walking a long way.  A mobility scooter user might not only have trouble walking but also may have a hard time walking up and down hills or slopes.

Mobility scooters are different than power wheelchairs in the following aspects:

1)      Motion is controlled by thumb levers.

2)      Steering is controlled by a tiller, much like a bicycle handlebar.

3)      The seats on many mobility scooters can rotate.

4)      Scooters use a base board for your feet instead of footrests.

5)      Mobility scooters are less expensive than “Electric Wheelchairs”

Benefits of Mobility Scooters are they are less expensive than electric wheelchairs; steer with a tiller that works just like a bike handlebar. They are lighter than electric wheelchairs and can be handled and loaded much easier. They can also be taken apart if needed for easier transportation. They can be obtained in foldable, three and four wheel models and are available with front or rear wheel drive.

Foldable models are ideal for the person that likes to travel. They are many times called “travel scooters” and can be unassembled into smaller and less heavy parts for easier loading into a vehicle.

Three wheel scooters offer great maneuverability and are designed for both indoor and outdoor use while four wheel scooters are designed for the greatest stability, faster speeds, and the best performance outdoors. The four wheel models have a wider turning radius than the three wheel models so if you are planning to use it mainly indoors, a three wheel model might be best for you.

At Majesty Health we offer the best selection of mobility scooters on the internet. We have models with the highest user reviews and the lowest prices available. Some of our offerings are discounted up to 75% off their regular prices. We hope that we have the right mobility scooter for you!

We Offer the Following Mobility Scooters (click link below):

Invacare Mobility Scooters

Drive Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility Scooters

Golden Technologies Scooters

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Electric Wheelchairs


Electric Power Wheelchairs

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At Majesty health we also offer the best selection of electric power wheelchairs on the market. We have put together a selection of the models with the highest customer reviews, offered at the lowest prices available on the internet.

There are three types of electric wheelchairs available:

1)      Transportable-  which are usually compact in size, generally weight less than a hundred pounds, and are designed to fold up or disassemble, making it easier to load up into a motor vehicle.

2)      Powerbase- do not fold or disassemble so they need to be loaded with lifts and ramps, but are very smooth riding and stable. They are very comfortable and adjustable and have a tighter turning radius, and also go a long way on a battery charge.

3)      Heavy Duty- As their name implies these heavier duty models work great on the outdoor terrain, and are available in front, rear, and mid wheel drive models.

The main benefits of electric wheelchairs are:

1)       More adjustable when it comes to tilting, support, reclining, seating, and elevation.

2)      Easier to use as a seat when travelling seated on one in a vehicle.

3)      Are controlled with a joystick.

4)      Provide for great maneuverability in confined areas.

5)      They are quiet in their operation.

Power wheelchair models come in all sizes and sturdiness levels. Light framed units are good for indoor use. Heavy framed types perform better outdoors. Rear wheel drive units are the most popular and traditional chairs. Rear wheel drive chairs will not provide turning tightness like a front drive model, but they have quicker speed abilities. Front wheel drive chairs will offer better and tighter turning abilities, but for more stability, these wheelchairs are not as fast as the rear wheel drive models. Mid-wheel power wheelchairs give the user the tightest turning abilities. They use extra tip –proof wheels for better stability. Those extra wheels however, might make mid-wheel units more difficult to operate on tough outdoor surfaces.

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