Philips Norelco Electric Razor SensoTouch 3D 1260X

Philips Norelco Electric Razor SensoTouch 3D 1260X

Philips Norelco Electric Razor SensoTouch 3D 1260X Rating:
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Our very most state-of-the-art shaver but, the SensoTouch 3D 1260X gives the maximum cut. The GyroFlex 3D unit seamlessly abides by every curve of your skin and cuts every tresses in only a handful of strokes with its UltraTrack heads.


  • 3D flexible movement
  • wet & fry shave

Philips Norelco Electric Razor SensoTouch 3D 1260X 4 out of 5 based on 30 ratings. 30 user reviews
Personal Care 400 Shavers Philips Norelco Electric Razor SensoTouch 3D 1260X Our very most state-of-the-art shaver but, the SensoTouch 3D 1260X gives the maximum cut. The GyroFlex 3D unit seamlessly abides by every curve of your skin and cuts every tresses in only a handful of strokes with its UltraTrack heads. $408.37

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  1. BRYAN BISHOP says:

    This is the very best electric shaver ever before! A little additional cash, yet really worth it! My hubby is on Coumadin and can’t utilize a blade any longer and hasn’t been able to obtain a good shave from various other electric shavers. But this amounts to a cutter and much better … does not squeeze and provides such a close cut.


    It’s a gift for my friend. He like it very much. However I never ever try it. Ideally I will buy one for myself.

  3. ADAM SOTO says:

    most likely my favored razor up until now. it feels sturdy. very sturdy. it still going solid since i have actually purchased this shaver.

  4. Have made use of Norelco for yrs. Continue one just bit the dirt! This brand-new one offers me a close cut with no skin irritation. Easy to utilize and holds a charge for a minimum of a week. Easy to clean, just rinse out under the tap. Love the flexible heads. Definitely advise this shaver!

  5. JAMES WEAVER says:

    great !! ~ my uncle like it very much ~. bad things wants i buy 2days,, the rate is down … even more after that 50 $,, less costly …

  6. HARRY LANE says:

    Though somewhat unpleasant to make use of around hairs and mustache, the SensoTouch 3D is the very best power shaver I have ever utilized. It is very quite, smooth simple to preserve. I firmly insisted that my younger son also acquire this razor after my experience.

  7. KAREN DOUGLAS says:

    Have been making use of Norelco Shavers given that 1972 and this one(PHILIPS NORELCO SENSOTOUCH 3D ELECTRIC SHAVER 1260X) is without a doubt the most effective Electric razor I have actually ever before used takes little stress to obtain the closest Cut I have actually ever experienced before Its well worth the Price as well as much more, do not concur with any sort of adverse reviews whatsoever This is a Keeper for certain. You will delight in with the simple glide shave and do not make use of much tension allow the razor to do the job 5 FIVE out of 5 Stars !!!

  8. JASON BROWN says:

    I have actually utilized many power razors in my life time. As a matter of fact, I made use of a Norelco razor blade for 15 yers before changing to a Braun. The Braun set you back a fortune in cleaner/lubricant cartridges. Additionally, after 3 years the on-off change fell short. I have been using the Norelco SensoTouch 3-D 1260 for 4-5 weeks. I have actually NEVER had a much better cut with an electric razor! After utilizing it, you rinse it off under hot water and replace it in the recharging stand. The only “disadvantage” may be the initial price of investment. Nonetheless, I was able to obtain this razor with a 20 % off list + a present card for $FIFTY !!!! Do the mathematics – bottom line = $110.

  9. ROSA PARKER says:

    Having made use of electric shavers for majority a century, I’ve been seeking a deeper and a lot faster cut. Successive changes from older Norelco models to Remington “close as a blade” products to Braun 7 Syncro devices were big steps up, however with the Braun it took bunches of passes to acquire a close cut from a single cutter. Then I tried the Panasonic ES8228S, liked it at first, after that discovered that my bristle was ending up being more persistent and wiry. I read the reviews. eHow has a post claiming that rotary electric razors are designed for men with light beards that shave occasionally, while aluminum foil electric razors usually offer a smoother outcome. So I thought of updating to the rather loud Braun Pulsonic Set 7 completely dry razor, which lacks a seal to keep fluids from harming the electric motor, although Braun states it could be washed under running water. However then I located a desirable supply for the Philips Norelco 1260x. Some reviewers raved; others stated it inflamed their faces, however they appeared to be executing completely dry shaves. With the Panasonic I ‘d added Billy Resentment silicon shaving gel, which removed inflammation. So I got the 1260x and used it with the gel, familiar with Norelco’s caution that it would take my face twenty-one days to adjust to a rotating shaver before full fulfillment was obtained. Yet I was quite happy with the initial shave: close, fast, free from inflammation, and– in contrast to claims by a minimum of one customer– not spewing whiskers into the floor in any cutting movement or stance. The revitalizing and deceitful quietness of the motor contradicts its power, and the huge 3D head with 3 rotating blades is easy to tip and very efficient. Marketed! Yet shop around; use search engines. There are deals around on the shaver, the charging stand, the head, as well as the gel.

  10. HEATHER STONE says:

    Aloha: I have actually been shaving for a number of decades and the majority of that time have been with an electricity shaver, usually a Norelco. I think, the greatest, really reputable. Because my last razor blade was beginning to decrease, I thought it was time for another razor blade. A variety of months earlier, I discovered the Philips Norelco Senso Touch 3D, which comes in a variety of versions. I spent a long time researching the product and liked what I found. The first-rate design was way as well pricey, so I picked the midrange version, the 1260X, which is 2 actions here the most pricey. It had a brief recharge time, eye-catching, large reducing location, excellent assurance, clippers, and most importantly, could be used in the bath. I went online to Philips Norelco to get my base price and then started surfing the web and decided to look on Amazon, one of my favorites. Thankfully for me, the earths and the celebrities were all straightened, when I shopped and found a bargain I can not pass up. The precise model that I was trying to find and the cost boggled the mind. A number of minutes later, it was history. I have actually been using the razor blade for a number of weeks now and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Mahalo Nui Loa, Philips Norelco and Amazon !! Aloha …


    My first electric was a 3 head Norelco back in the ’80’s, a razor I truly was miserable with as it tore my face apart. Ever since I have actually utilized 3 different Braun aluminum foil razor blades. I like to cut with my Gillette cutter razor blades and shave cream yet my skin cannot manage day-to-day shaving with this type of razor blade, no matter effective ways by which sharp the cutters. My regular has actually come to be cutting with the cutter 2 days and with the energy 5 days. The Braun aluminum foil razors (all dry just, no wet/dry razor blades) were adequate, but never provided me the closeness of the cutter razor, especially on my neck. I commonly had to consider completing my neck with a cutter shaver because the Braun merely couldn’t cut the hair. After 3 days of shaving with the Braun, on a daily basis I would certainly notice my face hair was a bit longer than the previous day. By the 4th day I had to use the cutter razor just to begin over and clean up the mess. The worst part regarding all 3 Braun razors was the battery. The built in rechargeable battery always fell short after regarding 2-3 years of usage. The batteries are not exchangeable, which is really irritating. The razor blades then had to remain plugged in as they would certainly not come up to speed up quickly enough if plugged in simply prior to usage. The last Braun had a cleansing tank with Braun’s proprietary mix of the world’s most expensive alcohol and lemon oil. A terrific odor, but ridiculous costly. The worst part was if things tipped over, the alcohol leakages out and ruins the finish on your furnishings. The Norelco 1260X came as a Xmas gift from a kind brother in regulation which has done a lot of cutting research. The razor blade is superb. I have only utilized it two times and both times with cutting lotion. This is the very first razor blade that is as close as a cutter razor blade. I could now shave in half the moment I invested screwing around with the Braun foil. After utilizing this versatile 3 head system, it is so good, I can not comprehend why bench kind aluminum foil razor blade style still exists. I could shave around my neck and adam’s apple with blade closeness. The cleaning procedure is simple. Open up the 3 heads and flush under water. It is 15 seconds. No costly cleansing fluids. After I spend even more time cutting dry, I will update evaluation. At this factor, this razor is strongly advised. EDIT: I have possessed this razor for approximately 14 months. I just recently changed the cutter head and discovered a renovation in both distance of shave and much less drawing of whiskers. The head replacement was costly at concerning $52 yet I need to say it was required. The razor had been holding a cost for numerous weeks at a time. Recently I fully asked for the device and used it once. The following day, the unit was dead. No lights, no sound, dead. Putting on the battery charger had no impact. Totally lifeless. I called the 800 number and spoke with a team member which asked if I had an invoice or if I had actually registered the system when I acquired. The unit was a gift, no receipt and I had not signed up. I gave the identification number from the unit. The Philips distributor informed me that based on their records the product was merely past the 2 year warranty period. I asked just how that could be based on my duration of possession was just 14 months. The system was purchased at a Bed Bath and Beyond simply prior to Christmas. Philips asserted the unit has to have been resting on a rack for 8 months. They offered to provide me with a new unit at no expense, however with no additional guarantee. This is a credit history to Philips client service and a lesson for all to either save the original invoice and / or complete the device registration.

  12. EARL TUCKER says:

    I have actually been cutting for several years with whatever Gillette’s newest razor blade was. I was constantly upgrading and undergoing the razor cartridges fast. I need to shave everyday, and as a result my neck would certainly get inflamed and was regularly red. I have actually been making use of the SensoTouch 3D 1260x for over a month now and have actually been very happy. I obtain a really smooth shave (my wife accepts of the smoothness) and obtain it done a lot faster. Much more importantly this shaver doesn’t cut up my skin and my neck has enhanced considerably considering that. I enjoy exactly how nice this razor blade is and would recommend this to any individual!

  13. I review the previous testimonial and concur with the solitary head vs the 3 head when it pertains to cleansing. That’s as far as I will go. My whiskers buckle. If I skip a day of shaving, my aged single head with the 3 drifting blades is not near a good. I acquire a little shaver burn and in some cases ingrowns when utilizing my very good solitary head. I have learned it is a good idea to cleanse after every usage or intend on switching out the head annually with the “program”. This tool takes care of many of the issues with the solitary head design. It is much more job to tidy compared to flipping open the single head. The heads actually float much bettter with my aging head and face. I discover the 3 head design with the 3 separate heads developed to pick all kinds of hair do exactly what they are intended to. I believe this beyond whatever I can picture for an electric shaver. They do inform you in the directions that it takes 30 days for your face to readjust … I quit utilizing my security shaver and switched to this solely vs a 50-50 use of the previous technique; security and singel head device. I am 65 and have actually done a little of shaving over the years. I adore this razor blade. This rate is better than the reduced rate I paid at the greatly affordable department store.

  14. MARK JENNINGS says:

    I started utilizing this shaver while dealing with Philips on an unrelated job– I was offered one for use and contrast with a blade. I bied working with a Norelco Triple header in the 80’s and suched as that, then bied working with a later version to obtain that “stubble look.” But for the past 10+ years I have actually made use of a cutter: I liked the nearness, yet was definitely on the market for something “nick proof.” As I’ve aged (I’m now just previous FIFTY) it’s obtained easier to nick myself (possibly since I’m usually in a hurry …)My initial encounter with the SensoTouch 3d was flying residence from Amsterdam, cutting on the airplane as we came up to New York. I ‘d never ever have attempted this with a blade, and as a constant tourist I enjoy that I can shave swiftly and conveniently on the airplane. The cut? Every bit as close as my cutter, and actually much better because I can zero right in on little places that the cutter wither missed out on … or also frequently caused a nick (like, soon over my upper lip). Functions moist (in the shower) or dry (on the airplane …)Things I observed concerning traveling with the Sensotouch … is exactly how easy it is. It’s light, tough, and because the cost lasts for weeks of everyday use I don’t need to carry the battery charger. I am a “one bag” traveler so this actually matters to me. Highly recommneded, and make certain to inspect more recent variations as well in the broadened Sensotouch household. You can’t bad happen.

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