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Electric Power Wheelchairs


At Majesty health we offer the best selection of electric power wheelchairs on the market. We have put together a selection of the models with the highest customer reviews, offered at the lowest prices available on the internet.

There are three types of electric wheelchairs available:

1)      Transportable-  which are usually compact in size, generally weight less than a hundred pounds, and are designed to fold up or disassemble, making it easier to load up into a motor vehicle.

2)      Powerbase- do not fold or disassemble so they need to be loaded with lifts and ramps, but are very smooth riding and stable. They are very comfortable and adjustable and have a tighter turning radius, and also go a long way on a battery charge.

3)      Heavy Duty- As their name implies these heavier duty models work great on the outdoor terrain, and are available in front, rear, and mid wheel drive models.

The main benefits of electric wheelchairs are:

1)       More adjustable when it comes to tilting, support, reclining, seating, and elevation.

2)      Easier to use as a seat when travelling seated on one in a vehicle.

3)      Are controlled with a joystick.

4)      Provide for great maneuverability in confined areas.

5)      They are quiet in their operation.

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