Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, 0.5 Ounce

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, 0.5 Ounce

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, 0.5 Ounce Rating:
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Product Description

Nailtiques nail varnishes are actually formulated with the very same reinforcing elements that the cult favored protein methods are actually enhanced with. Offering your nail healthy protein treatments an added increase, this luxurious nail gloss enables the healthy protein in order to penetrate via the luster, for optimum advantages.


  • Has long lasting effect
  • Provides silky look and high gloss
  • A top coat that is a must for oily nails or nails that tend to chip easily

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, 0.5 Ounce 4.5 out of 5 based on 2,449 ratings. 2,449 user reviews
Makeup Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Nail Coat, 0.5 Ounce Nailtiques nail varnishes are actually formulated with the very same reinforcing elements that the cult favored protein methods are actually enhanced with. Offering your nail healthy protein treatments an added increase, this luxurious nail gloss enables the healthy protein in order to penetrate via the luster, for optimum advantages. $4.03

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  1. MANUEL POWELL says:

    I initially attempted this product based entirely on its description on one more website. The idea that it penetrates all layers of polish to make one, strong covering sounded intriguing. Add to that the “self-leveling” residential properties and quick-dry cases and I was sold. Quick ahead to when I finally got around to acquiring it. The initial time I completed my thoroughly performed manicure with this savory surprise, I understood I would never ever use one more leading coat ever once more. It brushed on so efficiently, leveling every little thing off wonderfully. As I continued to utilize this item over the course of lots of manicures and pedicures, I expanded to enjoy it more and more. It would flatten wrinkles induced by my recklessness and still leave me with a glass-like coating that dried lickety-split. Now, one point I HAVE TO mention is that, in time, this item will certainly start to enlarge because of dissipation. It is ESSENTIAL that you DO NOT attempt to thin it out with acetone or nail gloss eliminator. Seche has managed to pin-point the reason for this thickening and they created Seche Restore Reconstruction Thinner.5 fl oz (14 ml) to turn around the dissipation. Seche Restore is particularly created to replace only those active ingredients that have actually evaporated, bring back the when thick mess back to its previous magnificence. So, be sure to firmly top it after every usage, and be prepared for it to enlarge up. It will certainly happen. It occurs to ALL nail gloss and leading coats. This one is no various. You’ll possibly merely notice it quicker with the Seche Vite because you’ll be using all of it THE TIME!

  2. DONNA HOLLAND says:

    After hearing such wonderful things about this top coat on youtube, I decided to give it a try. I purchased mine at Sally’s Elegance Supply for 7.99 so seeing it on amazon for under 5.00 was stunning !!! Great deal! Anyways, it dries out VERY rapid and works well on every one of my nail polishes. I actually like using it over my nail styles for a fast drying out, glossy leading layer. I would buy this product once more.


    Prior to I talk about the product itself, I feel that it is essential to discuss the over-exaggerated topic of toluene. Whenever a “wellness scare” like this comes up, I constantly do the studying. After reading through so many assessments grumbling about this awful component, I thought to myself, “If it’s so bad, then why are the FDA permitting it towards items at all?” Sure, lots of brands have eliminated the ingredient, yet if it were genuinely harmful to use for the purpose for which it was intended, it wouldn’t be allowed any type of brand name. So after having actually done some research from dependable, qualified sources, I stumbled across a few facts. To start with, toluene is not cancer cells inducing – so no should stress over that. Over exposure to the active ingredient could induce heart and neurological damages. Therefore alone, a warning label Needs To Go on the box. It coincides with paint slimmers, fuel, lacquers, and various other commercial products made with the component (or any understood damaging ingredient) that the warnings be printed on the product. Please know that severe negative side effects are the result of OVER DIRECT EXPOSURE which routine, designated use is nothing whatsoever to be concerned concerning. The volume of the component is so low, the only method you ‘d really do damage is if you sat there and huffed the bottle. Using it for the objective of a nail polish leading coat is totally safe. I would not essentially recommend using this if you are expecting. All of the evidence points to intense effects only occurring with excessive direct exposure, yet this is the only time I directly may not take the risk simply due to the fact that it is strong-smelling. However overall, use this item as you are expected to and you’ll have nothing to bother with. Keep in mind to check out factual sources of evidence, and not immediately presume that somebody’s anecdotal “expertise” is somewhat more precise. You do not even need to take my word for it; the resources are around for you to studying. The item itself, as many others have actually mentioned, is great. Dries within seconds and it’s such a relief not to seem like I can not contact anything for many hrs! This is the initial bottle I’ve used, yet up until now it is my HG of leading coats. My nails are hard, completely dry, and do not chip with this things on. Actually, it’s somewhat upsetting the polish off when you prepare! I could not find a solitary thing wrong with this item and will remain to get it for as lengthy as it’s made.


    this is an incredible product. i attempted it for the first time over semi-dry nail polish (skim coat + 2 layers of nail gloss). after i used the seche vite completely dry rapid top layer, my nails were challenging and completely dry within 15 seconds! without this top coat, it normally takes 5 minutes for every one of the layers to completely dry. well worth the cost !!

  5. ROGER STANLEY says:

    I don’t recognize why people do not simply like this stuff! Possibly they are not utilizing it appropriately. I enjoy this stuff. I bought the thinner as well because the bottom half of liquor does get clumpy. Just 2-3 drops of the thinner and it’s good as new. Makes my nails look “damp” continuously. I’m not Girly whatsoever. My nails are the only “Girly” thing I do. This product is remarkable plain and simple. I obtain 10-14 days out of a mani. I just ever before HAVE to renovate due to nail development. I’m a cashier at a gasoline station, continuously washing my hands, managing cash in the “till” (extremely hard on nails) and rubbing stuff with scrubby pads, and aside from the regular pointer clothing, I have no complaints. I garden, go outdoor camping, shooting, bake clean and do recipes. The one small problem is it does include large 3. If utilized with non large 3 polish, you will see some contraction. It’s fair. I acquire compliments daily on my nails, people ask about the items I utilize, I always recommend this polish. If you stand by up until your gloss is completely dry (longer compared to 5 mins) you are not utilizing it appropriately and it will create the entire nail to peel off up in a strong slab, or chip insanely. That is driver mistake, not item mistake.

  6. SAMUEL MEDINA says:

    I have no idea just how I took care of in your home manicures and pedicures prior to this stuff! I am admittedly awkward, after a pedicure I have a peccadillo of strolling in to things and smacking my feet on arbitrary things. And my manicures? One always smears, constantly. Now, I still smack and bump points yet I don’t have to re-do the gloss or put on another layer of leading coat if I’m trying to smooth out a place. I was hesitant in the beginning, yet after my first pedicure and manicure, I’m hooked!


    I’m entering this with newly repainted nails … base, two shade, and two shine layers … plus one application of Seche Vite. I’ll be with confidence making pasta for my family in half an hour, understanding all those layers are unfailing under this amazing goo. I have no idea how it functions, however it takes that “oh foolishness” time (you know … can’t touch anything or you denting those best smooth nails) from hrs to minutes. I could do my nails half an hour prior to bed now. Magic! Wish I ‘d known about it years ago!

  8. DIANE PRICE says:

    I have used this equipment for many years. 10 years back when I started acquiring acrylic nails, my nail specialist transformed me on to this equipment. Now, I bring it with me to the beauty parlor. I don’t obtain those annoying nicks from beginning the car and twisting my safety belt! At home, it dries so well and so rapidly, I can be able to do my hands and toes a half hour prior to bed and get up WITHOUT sheet marks on my nails the next day. My pedicures last lots much longer than with various other brands, which is a substantial plus! I have found that after concerning a week approximately, in some cases the top coat will begin to peel. This, to me, is so minor compared with the total performance. Also, it helps to get the Seche Vite thinner, as often the item obtains a little goopy. The thinner collaborate with any sort of polish too, and is certainly worth the extra money.

  9. GERALD RIVERA says:

    For such a long time, I would only paint my nails periodically. The procedure took me as long, and it ended up obtaining messed up more often than not, so it simply didn’t appear worth it many of the time. Lately, though, I began reviewing nail gloss blogs and found two pointers that have made all the difference for me. One was ways to tidy up the gloss utilizing a brush, and the various other was Seche Vite for a leading coat. For me, Seche Vite functions wonders. Prior to, I had times where I would certainly complete painting my nails four hrs before going to sleep, and STILL end up with sheet marks in my gloss the following morning. With the Seche Vite, I have actually had the ability to transform a baby diaper or put my toddler in his carseat 5 – 10 mins after applying it without destroying my gloss job. Additionally, and this is something I’ve never ever experienced with other top layers I’ve tried … it seems to perfect my polish task. I have no idea the best ways to explain it, but I have actually had goopy, lumpy applications from enlarged polish, and after I examine it with the Seche Vite, it looks I used it flawlessly. It practically feels like it melts the leading layer of polish and helps it to level itself out. I’m uncertain if that’s the best way to describe it … it sounds frightening, rather it’s a benefit. I have read through that it co-operates with some polishes better than others. I’m using Essie immediately, and it looks perfect after a day and an one-half. Other times I have actually utilized it I have actually acquired some shrinking (that MIGHT have actually concerned me applying it after the gloss was completely dry, I’m not sure). Hope that helps.

  10. DENISE LUCAS says:

    Prior to I got this product, I sought evaluations of quick dry clear coats. Formerly I had used Sally Hansen’s hard as nails line, which when dry, is extremely great and aids with expanding much longer toenails, however takes much longer to completely dry than I am person. Usually I ‘d do something as soon as I believed the gloss was dry, and wind up smudging it. So frustrating! I was wheelsed of spots with each and every single color adjustment or repair, yet then I read excellent things regarding this item. Boy oh boy, it was all true, and afterwards some! It comes off the brush looking thick, yet it slides into the nail flawlessly. It DOES completely dry quickly; really quickly your nails are completely dry to the touch. I only had a mote of trouble when I attempted to place this product over truly wet nail gloss (do not do that.) Since it’s thick, it oftens drag on very wet polish. If your gloss has dried out also a little, subsequently it works great. As soon as in position, it does. not. blemish. I adore it! I had not been prepared for just what a beautiful finish it applies your nails: very high gloss, a thick but not as well thick clear layer, smooth smooth smooth, and it also levelled some knubbly locations where my gloss had clumped as it dried out. I believe some people call those blisters. The Seche Vite leading layer had the result of softening any kind of errors in the gloss and allowing the colored polish beneath flow into a more completely smooth layer. A couple chips I had patched up with a corresponding shade, making an ombre impact, and adding this leading layer let the color borders relax in to each other also better. It looks superb– like a beauty salon result. I had one smudge that I drove back into spot, but without the topcoat it was blatently evident I ‘d had a mishap with half-wet half-dry gloss. Later on in the day after placing this topcoat over it, you ‘d only know there had actually been a spot if I pointed it out to you. I enjoy that. Wow, that developeded this things? Give them an honor! I had not been sure I would certainly wish to utilize a topcoat constantly, but when something makes your manicure look fantastic, and makes doing it less complicated, I’m sold. Sold, sold, marketed! I’ll be a Seche Vite Dry Quickly top layer user forever. Absolutely worth the 5 dollars I spent. Possibly worth additional. I am so happy I attempted it. Highly advised.

  11. ELLEN PERKINS says:

    I can’t detest this product also if I wish to. It’s excellent then some. SO initially, I didn’t want to get it because of the assessment regarding the Toluene that was in it. But when I bought it and used it, and saw exactly how PERFECT they made my manicures, I needed to study more regarding toluene. I could not possibly stop using the nail polish due to the fact that it was SIMPLY IDEAL! Liquor does have a caution on it regarding exactly how SV “has a chemical that has been known in the state of The golden state to induce Abnormality or feasible reproductive troubles”. WHEN I read through that, I RESEMBLED OH NO !!! The warning didn’t state whether Toluene was the bad chemical though. Hmmph? Anyhow, I made use of the nail gloss once again, and it was completely dry within seconds, glossy, ideal, no smudge, and just best. I truly adore the nail polish, yet the Toluene troubled me. I later on found out that Toluene is taken in the physical body via inhalation. so I in some way discovered a solution. I Use a facial mask when I paint my nails now. This item is all I have actually been waiting for. I love doing my own nails. it dries in secs. I can take a shower after 15 minutes of using, and no spot or imprints on my nails. I use my mask immediately, and I will probably stop useding this item because my mind is not totally serene with it yet. but it truly is a great item. Despite the fact that I have a problem with the product, I will not remove greater than one superstar. Due to the fact that it actually does what it claims (and then some– like a birth defect possibly?)lol. Ok I little one. However u get my factor right?

  12. AARON ADAMS says:

    Usually I’m quite cynical concerning suggestions when it concerns something as seemingly simple as leading coats, yet Seche Vite have to combine some smashed unicorn horn or dragon scales into their leading coat due to the fact that this stuff is remarkable. Gone are the days of hanging around 3 hours prior to doing anything including some level of dexterity or repairing slab marks the next day. I can apply a layer of this stuff and be excavating around in my handbag 15 mins later on with impunity. As an included perk, it leaves an outrageously-glossy surface that makes it appear like my nails are still wet! As I type this evaluation, I’m on day 5 and my nails still look the same as day 1. I wear my nails fairly brief (clipped right to the fingertips), so possibly my suggestions don’t sustain a lot of abuse, however thinking about everyday duties, showering, and regularly recovering keys dropped behind big things, my nails do not exactly live a spoiled lifestyle. Seche Vite does shed one star (I want I could only knock off half a star, truly) due to the fact that Seche hasn’t bring out a toluene-free formula yet, which is unfavorable. While I question toluene in your leading layer would certainly be a serious health danger unless you utilize this stuff to garnish your tossed salads, I still think it’s a self-disgust that this still has it when rivals have actually nixed the substance.

  13. LESLIE STANLEY says:

    Hallelujah! I’ve attempted lots of glossy topcoats, quick dry topcoats and quick completely dry items you apply after topcoats and I have ultimately found the very best product available! (This is it.)Apply right after your manicure, doesn’t smear or smudge the gloss. It really does an excellent job completing and concealing any kind of small defects in the manicure too. Dries virtually quickly to the touch, dries solid in mins. Shiny, glossy, glossy! I could not stop raving about this item and I am definitely trying their various other nail products. I simply have actually never had much luck with other quick dry topcoat – regardless of how long I beware afterwards. I’m a nit-picker and this stuff has actually lastly made my manicure excellent. I’ll need to upgrade this concerning how lengthy my manicure lasted with it.


    This isn’t usually the type of item I evaluate, however when I saw my favored top layer listed, I had to assess it. I know individuals anywhere will inform you how wonderful their ‘can’t live without’ cosmetic is, yet this is different. This truely and in all honesty is the most effective leading coat in the entire universe. It honestly is and you truly have to provide it a go. Without kidding, within two – three mins of having actually used this to 2 shade layers of polish, you will be able to drive, run your fingers with your hair, put a cd in the player etc etc. And sheet marks at night ??? A thing of the past with this. Even if you repaint your nails a half hour to a hr before bed, there won’t be an issue in the early morning. This truly has to be tried to be thought and I can’t quit raving the top quality and professionalism and reliability of this item (I never ever could articulate it, but I always use it). I want all salons would utilize this so individuals available get a possibility to experience this incredible product for themselves. You’ll be hooked and will never ever attempt anything else again.

  15. BRIAN SIMS says:

    Seche Vite Quick Drying Top Layer is without a doubt the most effective top layer I’ve utilized. For many years I was an OPI devotee, and I thought it was ideal if I made use of OPI topcoat with their polish. Seche Vite, however, has actually given a much more clear and glossier finish than any other leading coat I have actually attempted. Additionally, it does not nick once it obtains completely dry. People inform me my nails look fantastic at all times and they think they look properly done. I think this is greatly because of the lustrous and clear surface I receive from Seche Vite– though I will take credit rating for the years of experience, however a manicure or pedicure will not look professional no matter just how excellent you are if you don’t have a good leading layer. I have actually discovered that if I utilize and older bottle of Seche Top layer that I’ll be more susceptible to cracking of the top coat, however that’s only if I take place to pick up a bottle that is over a years. Simply be sure to keep a fresh bottle accessible and close it firmly, and this should aid extend the life of your top coat. As for the one evaluator that experienced chips, possibly the bottle of leading coat she used was an old one. I’m not sure, however I do my very own nails each week and don’t have any type of troubles with nicking (unless I’m doing hardcore job, where case ANY gloss would chip). If you’re tough on your nails you may wish to also make use of “chip miss,” which is an OPI product. One last note, as leading coats do, this does tend to soak up some of your nail shade. For instance red polish could tint your bottle of leading coat a light red. If you don’t always make use of the very same color of gloss, I would certainly suggest cleansing your applicator brush after making use of the leading layer (with polish cleaner). Otherwise, following time you go to do a french manicure it might have swirls of red in it.

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