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There are many different types of walkers available. Some of the names that are used are Walking Frames, Zimmer Frames, Rollators, etc. Walk aids are generally designed to help you with your stability and endurance.  They come in various shapes and sizes so you should have no problem finding the right walker to fit your needs.

If you are in good health and consider yourself as having some trouble walking, then you might consider purchasing a three or four wheel rollator. A rollator is basically a walker with wheels that has the advantage of not having to lift up and down while you walk.  If you consider yourself having trouble walking and also trouble with your stability, then you might want to look into the four wheel rollators, or the standard adult walker. If it is really hard for you to walk even a short distance, then a standard adult walker will probably be the best choice for you.

As far as walker sizes are concerned, many of the walkers are adjustable or designed for specific types of users. For example, there are heavy duty models that can handle users that are over three hundred pounds if necessary.

Majesty Health offers a selection of walkers and rollators for every user. We have selected the best products with the highest user reviews. We have even narrowed down our selection to include models that are 25 to 75% off with the best prices on the internet. We hope that we have the right walker for you!

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